Friday, December 08, 2006

Do We Really Care What Hollywood Thinks?

You can't pick up a newspaper, magazine, or read an Internet news site, without inevitably there being a story about some couple in Hollywood breaking up, or another couple getting together, or someone who's career is pretty much past prime making headlines for making a political, or quite often, anti-American statement. You see those stories almost on a daily basis, and I have to wonder. Who the heck cares except the people IN Hollywood?

Is there anyone anywhere who really and truly believes that the Hollywood types actually represent our values and beliefs? I mean come on, you actually believe that people who's work involves make believe, who's career is “let's pretend” could ever actually have a grasp on reality?

As far as the marriages that come and go faster than I can change socks, I am never surprised to find out that the actress Femme Fatale and her actor husband Beau Jest have split over “irreconcilable differences”, which usually means one of them is getting a ton of work and the other isn't. I don't care if Brendan Poutface and Anastasia Wannabe roam the world adopting children from every corner of the globe, while they totally ignore the plight of thousands of children in orphanages or caught in the revolving door of foster care right here in their own country. I don't care if the singer Spinster always goes to extremes to prove to the world that yes, she is just as trashy, common, and stupid as the world first believed.

I don't care if the out of control actor/director/producer/writer/garbage collector Hartford Heartthrob is calling for the withdrawal of all American warships from the coast of Lower Slobbovia. Let the Slobbovians patrol their OWN coasts he screams! The fact that ol' Hartford has been less than a choir boy all of his life, and has never visited the Naval crews patrolling the coast of Lower Slobbovia, and therefore has no real clue as to whats going on is irrelevant. We should also note that the media has gotten bored with his antics, and the fact that he hasn't been in a movie that anyone remembers for the last 10-15 years shouldn't be a factor either. One can't help but suspect, that Hartford is doing anything he can to get his name and face in the news, and who knows...maybe a new role will soon follow.

In the end, I myself don't pay any attention to anything said by anyone from Hollywood, no matter which side of the political fence they are on. I look at the issues for myself. I examine an issue from as many points and views as I can, and then, I make my own decisions. I don't have to wait to see what some spoiled, ungrateful, insignificant little dweeb from Hollywood thinks about anything! I mean, don't you really think that people who spend their lives “play acting” seem to show that they have a complete and total confusion as to what is real and what isn't? Then again, what else could you expect from people who are so egotistical, that they are under the illusion, that they represent America, and all that it is. Guess what Hollywood? American isn't impressed, and you are just blowing smoke. To put it nicely.

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