Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lip Service...

The Same Ole B.S. From Both Parties

With oil quickly approaching $150.00 a barrel ($200 a barrel by summers end) we are hearing the same old diatribe from the electorate. "Bush is getting rich on oil.... Bush is taking care of his oil pals....We went to war in Iraq for their oil"....and my personal favorite "the democrats/republicans take care of the poor man, and if democrats/republicans were in power the oil price would be down". I hate to be the one to tell ya but...BOTH parties controlled the house and the senate (ain't done nothing yet) in the recent past and present and all anyone of both parties has done is TALK about the oil prices, and argue about what should be done. So, I am posting here an open letter to all members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives (have they been working for you lately?), the legislatures of the 50 states (same question, working for you?), and all the local governments across the country( again, same question).

Dear Elected Sirs and Madams of the Federal, State and Local Governments,

We the electorate can't help but notice that you have created a deafening din on the subject of energy, particularly oil, that has resulted in an amazing plethora of quotations, clich├ęs, and hot air in general, that only results in further inaction on your part. We are tired of the blame game. We are tired of hearing that it's because of "big oil" (none of you own oil stock, right?), that it's because of the President, that it's because of the congress, that it's due to OPEC, that it's due to price fixing, that it's due to price gouging, that it's due to environmental concerns, etc., etc.

Let us tell you, that we highly suspect after due consideration, that the problem fully lies in.... ALL OF THE ABOVE!

We realize that you are completely out of touch with the needs, problems, and concerns of the average working person (someone in Washington was recently quoted as saying if the Congress didn't pass legislation to fund public radio, the taxpayers would have to pay for it). Unlike you, we have no tax payers paying for our energy needs. No one else but we the people are paying for the vehicles that take us to and from work. No one else but we the people are paying for our fuel costs. No one else but we the people are paying for the increased food prices and clothing prices that result from increased energy costs. So, what do you do? Nothing. You do nothing because you don't know what it's like for John and Jane Q. Public to go to the corner store to buy a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. You don't know what it's like for John and Jane to have to decide between eating or buying gas to go to work. You don't know what it's like for John and Jane to decide between paying their light bill or going to the doctor. You don't have a clue, because everything you need, everything you require is paid for by John and Jane Q. Public. They and the millions of other John and Jane Q. Publics out here in the real world foot your bill. So, what do we get from you in return? Lip service, and that's all.

Oh how you grand stand on your committee's and in your reports to your constituents that you take so lightly, take so much for granted. You make us think of Marie Antoinette. When she was told the people were starving due to a lack of bread she said, "let them eat cake". Well, it seems that the only cake around here is the cake of the elected officials on the national, state, and local levels, and that the people don't even see any crumbs from this cake. Do you recall what became of dear old Marie? She lost her head in the revolution. Now, we aren't threatening to cut off anyone's head, so no need to call out homeland security or the F.B.I. You do understand the concept of a metaphor, right?

We do however want you to remember one thing, and one thing only. You work for us. With the upcoming election, many people think and believe that something will be done about oil after the election. Our pocketbooks won't wait that long. You all need to do something and do it now. Don't be concerned about any "special interest groups" because we the people are the largest "special interest group" and we are worn out from your lack of action. The two major parties need to get together and form one party and call yourselves exactly what you are, and that is the "Do-Nothings". When the time for the election comes around, and the status quo has not changed, you will pay for it with your loss at the polls. Yes, we pay your salary, we pay for your benefits, we pay for your health care, we pay for your transportation, and especially keep in mind, that we pay for your retirement, and retirement is the benefit you will be receiving after the next election, if things don't start changing now!

What would truly get your attention to prove to you that we are serious? Possibly a nation wide "sick day". Maybe a day like Friday August 1, 2008, when people across the nation would call in sick to work, and on that day, they do not buy or sell anything. Maybe then, on that day, you would realize that we are tired of inaction, and that yes, we are the backbone of this nation, that we are the economy of this nation, and that we will fire those who won't work for we the people, and hire those who will.

Yours truly,
The People of the United States of America